Candle Care & Safety

Candle Care & Safety Instructions

  • The larger crystals/stones that are set into the top of the wax should be removed before burning your candle for the first time.
  • Always trim wick to 1/4 before lighting, avoiding this step can result in a smoking candle, sooting and flames that burn too hot/high.
  • Burn candle for at least 3-4 hours on the first burn to allow your candle to reach a full melt-pull, this ensure that there is no tunneling and it will burn evenly.
  • Keep the candle and crystal clear of children and pets.
  • Only burn the candle on a leveled, fire-resistant surface.
  • DO NOT BURN CANDLE FOR MORE THAN 4 (FOUR) HOURS AT A TIME. Stop use when only 1/4 of wax remains.